Chef Inspired Small Batch artisan craft sauces!


Every bottle I open is somehow better than the last. I cannot get over your Smoked Salsa, it is delicious! Its so good, my husband - who doesn't like salsa - has been fighting me for it!

Carla Wright

Oh my goodness, the best salsa and hot sauce I've ever had. Thank you. I had the ghost pepper salsa, cowboy salsa, and diablo hot sauce. None of them lasted long at my house. Yum!

Bonnie Danihelka

Peach Habanero Salsa is the best salsa I have ever tasted. Ever. I just used a dash of it in a Bloody Caesar! And on my meat pie. The best!

John Allaire

Hydroponic Peppers coming soon!

We are currently working towards controlling all of our food supply chain. We started our Hydroponic Tower in July 2020. We are now seeing lots of flowers on our pepper plants. This is so exciting and we have truly enjoyed the process and the rewarding experience. Our commitment is always to create the best quality sauces with the highest quality of ingredients. Stay Fresh, stay local, stay spicy!